Marketing Toolkits


Marketing Toolkits are designed to provide businesses with a solid marketing foundation at a reasonable cost. They also offer a menu of services so each client can pick and choose the services they need.

Marketing Toolkits are not for every client but may be appropriate for your business if the provisions you want to fall into a handful of options that we frequently see. They are not for customers requiring a significant amount of marketing/PR needs, such as a crisis communication, campaign planning, or a brand launch/refresh. If you'd like to learn more about our marketing toolkits, please review the rest of this page and contact us. We currently have the following marketing toolkits:


Review Site Maintenance Kit

Ideal for small/mid-size businesses, retailers, and hospitality clients, our Review Site Maintenance Kit is designed to help you engage with customers while protecting your online reputation. This toolkit includes:

  • Creation/Editing of Review Sites: Are you starting a business or do you need a refresh of your current channels? Our team will help you create or update your profiles on sites such as Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, Amazon, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Yellowpages, BBB, Mantra, Angie's List, Glassdoor, and Foursquare. For hospitality clients, ask about out our hotel upgrade that includes Expedia Partner Center,, and Cvent.
  • Content Marketing: Our team will create business descriptions, add service menus/products, update photography, and add job listings and promotions to enhance your profile and SEO.
  • Review Alerts and Responses: Our team will engage with your audience by responding to reviews, be they good, bad or ugly, and providing you with the insight you need to be proactive with your customer service.

Includes two hours of consultation (in person, via email, and/or on the phone). Pricing is $1,000 for the setup fee (which covers review site creation, editing, and content marketing). A minimum of $150 is charged for monthly upkeep, including review responses and negative review alerts.

Press Kit

Perfect for startups and individuals, our Press Kit package is the first step towards making a great first impression in the public eye. Let our team help you build the foundation you need for public outreach.

  • Fact Sheet: List your brand's essential information in one place; the fact sheet is a quick resource for media outlets, influencers, and future customers to get your company's facts correctly and efficiently.
  • FAQs Sheet: Do you get frequently asked questions on your product or services? Let us create a FAQs sheet that provides a resource for your customers while saving you time and productivity.
  • Individual/Employee Bios: From executive biographies to employee spotlights, we will tell the story of you and your team in an authentic and informative way.
  • Mission/Vision Statement and Boilerplate Messaging: Does your company have a vision, but you can't find the words to express it? Our team will help you create a mission statement and boilerplate that are authentic to your business and professionally formatted to industry standards.
  • Asset Organization: Let our team organize your creative assets, including photography, demos, and company samples so they are easily accessible to media outlets and potential customers.
  • Print and digital file creation: We produce the press kits in both print and digital formats.

Includes a three hours of consultation time (in person, online, or on the phone). The price is $1,500 for the press kit and an additional $150 for any item not listed above.

Social Media Startup Kit

Reach a large audience in a cost-efficient way with our Social Media Startup Kit. It is ideal for individuals and startups launching their business as this package helps them build the foundation for social media success. This toolkit includes:

  • Social Media Channels Creation
  • Content Marketing
  • 30/60/90 Editorial Calendar
  • Promoted Pages/Posts

Includes two hours of consultation (in person, online, or on the phone). The price of the kit is $1,500 and an additional $150 for any item not listed above. The promoted pages/post are chosen and billed a la carte.

Additional Services

Each additional service includes one hour of publicist’s consultation time:

  • Award/Professional Recognition Entry Writing: $500 plus entry fee
  • Speechwriting $500
  • Presentation: $500
  • Media Training: $100 per hour with a two-hour minimum